The list of reasons to visit Argentina’s capital is a long one. Put simply, Buenos Aires is one of the most attractive cities of Latin America, voted best tourist destination in South America by TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards in 2016. Below are just ten of the reasons you should visit Buenos Aires in 2017.

Free attractions: Buenos Aires is not only home to countless places of architectural, historic and cultural interest to discover while wandering its winding streets and green spaces, it also offers a wide range of activities. Guided tours come in the traditional and more adventurous varieties, giving you the opportunity to run, trek or even row your way around a city full of secrets, emotions and stories without paying a penny.

Food for all tastes: Traditional porteña cuisine bears the legacy of the city’s Spanish and Italian influences and can be enjoyed on every corner. In particular, don’t miss the gastronomic hubs of Palermo, Las Cañitas, Recoleta, San Telmo and Puerto Madero, where you can sample traditional Argentine roast meats of the highest quality. Equally, Buenos Aires offers flavours from around the world, with a wide variety of eateries offering the local cuisine of many different countries. The city’s organic markets and fairs, such as the BA Market, also boast a wealth of tasty offerings.

A sustainable city: Buenos Aires considers itself an environmentally conscious city and seeks to improve the quality of life of residents and visitors alike through innovations in urban design and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. With many parks, squares and green spaces, the city provides the perfect surroundings to enjoy nature, play sports and relax in the open air. Bike lanes and guided bike tours also make it possible to travel the city on two wheels.

Boca-River championship: Football is a passion shared by most Argentinians and if you visit Buenos Aires during the local championship you will have the chance to witness one of the most exciting sporting events: the Superclásico. The match takes place between Argentina’s two most popular clubs, River and Boca, and has been described by The Observer and The Sun as “the most intense sporting experience in the world”.

Gardel, Piazzolla and the Tango: Sensual and nostalgic, the tango is part of the porteña identity. If you want to dance, head to a local ‘milonga’, traditional places to dance the Tango which can be found across the city, or to one of the many ‘tanguerías’ featuring live orchestras and dancers. Known as the world’s Tango capital, Buenos Aires is home to renowned musicians Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla.

Over 300 theatres: Its wide offering of shows makes Buenos Aires South America’s most prolific city for theatre, putting it in fourth place globally for number of theatres. Among its more than 300 theatres is the Colón, one of the most important lyric theatres in the world and a beacon of opera, ballet and performing arts for over a century.

Shopping: Shopping is one of the favourite activities for visitors to Buenos Aires thanks to its first class shopping centres and fashion shows in Palermo Soho, Santa Fe Avenue and the traditional shopping street of Florida. For those seeking low prices, the outlet stores on Córdoba or Aguirre are an excellent option.

Porteña nightlife: Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps and its exciting nightlife boasts no end of restaurants, bars and discotecas for meeting new people and having fun. To be right at the heart of the action, head to Palermo, San Telmo and Puerto Madero. Buenos Aires is also one of South America’s top tourist destinations for the international LGBT community.

Pope Francisco: Buenos Aires is the perfect location to discover the life and work of the Pope Francisco, or the ‘Papa de Flores’ as they call him in his native neighbourhood. Those wanting to visit notable places in his life can follow the Papal Tour through the districts of Flores, Monserrat and Balvanera, as well as the Catedral Metropolitana, where he officiated at mass for more than 20 years.

Feel at home: Diverse, extreme, welcoming, Buenos Aires is an excellent host, receiving visitors from around the world and making them feel at home. Its people, its attractions, its food and its music are the product of all who visit and make it the cosmopolitan yet familiar city that it is today. Buenos Aires is a thousand cities in one city.

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