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  Feliz año nuevo! We might have taken a little siesta in 2016, but in 2017 we’re back and ready to blog. In a tumultuous year for international affairs, Branding Latin America continued to make its mark as the bridge between Latin America and the UK. Amongst increasing calls for isolationism on the world stage, [...]

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Ecuador Launches New Global Promotional Campaign in London

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador last night hosted the global launch of its new marketing campaign, with over 100 guests in attendance. "FEEL AGAIN" is the second stage of the country's All You Need is Ecuador campaign, which invites travellers to reconnect with themselves and nature in "The country with four worlds in the middle of the world". Ecuador, the size [...]

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PRO ECUADOR, in partnership with The Latin American Trade & Investment Association (LATIA), co-organized and participated in the Latin American International Forum (LAIF)

Throughout 2015, PRO ECUADOR, the Ecuadorean Trade Office in the United Kingdom, has carried out a series of events through its Investment Promotions division which have targeted British investors with new opportunities. The success achieved at these events, coupled with recent coverage in finance magazine LatAm INVESTOR, means 2015 is shaping up as the year [...]

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Juan Sartori, Chairman of Union Group, speaking of Mexico with CNBC

Juan Sartori, president and founder of Union Group, was at CNBC today discussing Mexico's recent elections. Juan Sartori says that Mexico's elections are always eventful and that the Mexican economy is one of the Latin American economies that is doing well.​

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Bloomberg TV Interviews Rodolfo Milesi

Rodolfo Milesi, Founder of Branding Latin America, is interviewed by Bloomberg TV.

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We are the only PR agency dedicated solely to the Latin American region.

We are the only PR agency dedicated solely to the Latin American region. Branding Latin America, founded by Rodolfo Milesi, is a Public Relations Group whose principal aim is to bridge business and promotional interests between Latin America, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. With offices in Knightsbridge in London and global partners [...]

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Rodolfo Milesi | Founder

Call it destiny. One minute you’re coasting along happily, Executive Producer of your nation’s top public affairs and politics TV programme. And then, just like that, there is a meeting with the President’s office, a project, and everything changes. Rodolfo Milesi, a successful Argentine journalist, was catapulted into the nation’s embassy in London as press [...]

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Adrianne Foglia

When Andres Pastrana became President of Colombia in 1998, one of his shrewdest moves was asking former NBC news producer to create an office to deal with the foreign press. It was her first government position but Adrianne Foglia mastered her job – not to mention the foreign press – with such agility that several [...]

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Ines Gamarra

After graduating from UCL (University College London) with Combined Honours in French and History of Art, Ines joined BLA in 2012 to work in the travel division, whose clients include several Latin American tourist boards, hotels and travel agencies. Having lived between Peru and various European countries, Ines has acquired experience in different fields from working in an archeological [...]

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Tim Allen

Tim has dual UK and Argentine citizenship, having grown up in London and lived for many years in Argentina. He has an MSc in International Business and Finance from London South Bank University and an MA in Latin American Studies from the University of Essex. As part of his MA he also spent one year [...]

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